Beyond Repair, January 2010

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When I received our beloved club’s letter on Thursday afternoon a faint sensation was shot through my body, perhaps a very light touch of nausea accompanied by a more potent emotion of real anger.

It was entitled, rather typically, ‘I vow to get the job done in the league’ and smacked of Avram Grant’s principal weapon when reality closes on him with alarmingly rapid pace: PR. More…

A message to Grant, January 2010

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We have seen enough, we have heard enough, we are sick with all the excuses, politics and underhand tricks. More…

A costly episode, December 2010

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In the relatively foreseeable future our fans will remember Avram Grant's tenure at Upton Park as a forlorn episode, soon to be cast into dark oblivion as a sore but not too significant tiny detail in our history. More…

A moderate defeat, November 2010

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I have coined the term ‘moderate defeat’ and used it for years in Hebrew, in order to impress upon my readers and viewers that a draw in football is a miserable result. More…

Upton Parker, September 2010

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As a diehard socialist I don't tend to observe religious holidays including Yom Kippur, but out of empathy with my neighbours I always stay indoors for the duration of the Day of Atonement, universally regarded as the most sacred day for the Jewish people.

Therefore, Avram Grant's newly-found piety is morally justified. A day of reckoning at a synagogue is much better than other, rather obscure pursuits, so our manager is vindicated and one can only hope that his sincere and heart-felt prayers will help the team in their bid to stay in the Premier League. More…

Adorning our demise, September 2010

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We hear quite often the shrill lamentations from Avram Grant's corner, bitterly complaining about the lack of resources at his disposal. The eight new players and the recovery of our almost chronically injured stars don't seem to mollify our manager's hunger for success and trophies. More…

Cautious optimism: better days in the offing, July 2010

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Normally one does not draw far-fetched conclusions from the pre-season friendly matches, but supporters are not necessarily rational creatures, and every victory for the Hammers counts. More…